Why is my water cloudy/green?

At some stage, chlorine levels have fallen, or chlorine has become ineffective, allowing algae to form in the water.

  • Shock (superchlorinate) with an unstabilized chlorine such as calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite, or use an algeacide. Shock dosing usually produces the fastest results. For greenish discolorations (where the water is no more than tinted green), superchlorinate to 10ppm. For more serious problems, where the water is pea-soup green and the bottom is not visible, shock in a 2 stage dose 6 hours apart. This will kill the algae.
    • Brush off any algae that may remain on pool surfaces. Look for growth behind steps or ladders and around underwater lighting.
    • Backwash the filter or clean cartridge 24 hours after treatment to remove dead algae from the filter media.

Thereafter maintain chlorine at around 3ppm to prevent a recurrence.

  • A regular treatment program of an algaecide or a chlorine with added algaecide is recommended for all pools. Consult your pool professional for the best treatment for your pool.

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