Consultation Services

Thinking about installing a pool? Are you a new pool owner? Looking to purchase a home with a pool? Let us help you take the stress of the process. Our consultation services can assist you in all these aspects.

New pool construction

With our in-store consultation service we can alleviate the need to meet with different companies about what you envision for your pool. Using satellite imagery, GIS data and design software, we can get your dream pool designed. We walk you through the realities of the process, the cost involved, what products and equipment best suit what you envision for your pool, as well as design and layout your pool in your space. We give you a true number to expect for your budget, all the information needed on equipment and accessories, and information so you can make a sound decision, all without any upselling or sales games. We are not a builder, and our flat fee is not dependent on you buying anything. We then refer you to one or more of our preferred builders that best fit what you are looking to build.

New pool owners

Our on-site consultation service can help new pool owners take the stress out of the day-to-day operation of their pool. We offer a hands-on training session to understand the fundamentals of pool ownership. From water testing, chemical treatments, cleaning the pool, maintaining the filter, and even the opening and closing of their pool. We help understand how the system works and how to get the most out of it.

Purchasing a home with a pool

If you’re a realtor or a potential buyer of a home with a pool, we offer inspection services that can help to see what to expect from your pool. We inspect the operation and condition for any potential problems that could arise. With this service, we can take some stress out of the buying process.

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